Dynamic Elements is a small company providing consulting services for CRM. We do management consulting focusing on strategy, organization, and process. We do system implementations focusing on project management, configuration and development, data conversion, testing, deployment, training, and change management.

About Us

We are honest and hard working. We focus 100% on CRM - any customer touch point.

Since 2008 we have helped our clients improve their business. Some had large plans, others small. Some had projects that were in trouble, others had not started. In any case, we are there until you are satisfied your organization can take it onwards without us. If we can help, we tell you how. If we cannot, we help you find someone who can.

We do design, development, testing, and deployment on most mobile platforms.

Need APPS to reach mobile workers in your organization? Dedicated sales app, field service, marketing management, or attendance management for your events?

Have an idea? Have a new product to launch? Want to improve your customer service level? Need more effective sales and productive sales force? Never done CRM before? Know what you want but not how to get there? Need a plan and a budget? Planning a project and want to discuss it with someone objective to your situation?


blueskyme - time management, project management, contact management.

Collect, plan, do. Live!

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